It’s time to make some decisions about my timeline. In my full-time job I am an events manager for a non-profit organization. That’s right, I plan “parties” and everyone thinks I have the most fun job. But you know what? Planning events is hard work, long hours and takes a lot of patience, which I am running out of. But, back on topic.

I have a major event coming up in May and another one in August. The May event simply would not happen if I were not there (it is the largest event of the year, budgeted to raise $250,000 in one night!), so there is no way I am leaving before then. Plus wrapping up an event takes a while, so I’m thinking that the earliest I could leave is June. They will just have to replace me in time to plan the August event. As my husband said, there will always be another event coming up. And that is so true. Event planner’s schedules are dictated by the events they plan and in the non-profit sector, there is a constant need for large events to raise funds.

Here is my timeline – I will put in my notice after the May event and set my last day for the middle of June. My finances are looking good, the extra money that I am bringing in with my writing is helping a lot. By June I should have enough saved to provide a nice cushion to last me through the fall. Obviously, I hope that immediately starting out I will be able to make enough money without dipping into my savings, but I am realistic and know that, that will probably not be the case.

The problem is that with such a large event coming up and taking up so much of my time (I’m already working 50+ hours a week on it), it will be very hard for me to apply for and take on more writing jobs before June. As it has been lately, I am keeping up with the writing I have already agreed to, but have not been actively looking for more work, which as any freelance writer knows is half of the job. In leaving my job in June, I will probably not have enough work secured to make ends meet. I will just have to work harder those first few months to get more jobs. If it turns out that by the fall I am still relying on my savings account to get by, I will get a part time job to help supplement my income.

There you have it folks, June it is – let the countdown begin!