Week Two Roundup

It’s been a pretty decent week of writing for me, aside for my rant yesterday, sorry about that! I got much closer to meeting my goals. Mind you, my writing goals start out small and move up by the month as I hope to gain more clients or better paying jobs each month. I made myself apply for many more jobs and I ended up applying for over 25, which is over double what I applied for last week. I did get contacted for two that I am very interested in, so we will see how those turn out.

I couldn’t keep myself from working on my Web site last weekend, so it was pretty much finished by Monday. Here is the link to it if you want to check it out: www.RaechelConover.com. Any feedback would be great, and I’m sure I will be constantly making small changes, but there it is. I have to say that if you are thinking about creating a Web site, and you don’t know HTML, Karen over at Want To Freelance has some excellent information in her posts: Why Freelancers Should Know HTML and HTML Tricks for Freelancers. HTML is not hard to learn, but can seem daunting. Knowing something about it can help you immensely.

I finished my current series for the astrology Webinar I was working on for AltGlobe. Here it is if you want to take a look: Astrology Signs Webinar. If you want to read up on your astrology sign and the astrology elements it’s a great place to look, if I do say so myself.

I had my first experience of working out of my house. I was forced to go to the library because my neighbors were getting their roof replaced today and my dogs were barking at the workers every minute. The library was pretty uneventful, except that it was much louder than I remember libraries being. Note to self, take headphones next time.

My goals for next week include hopefully, fingers crossed, actually landing one of the many jobs I apply for online. I have also been keeping a list over the last few months of local companies that have shown interest in hiring a freelance writer and companies that I think might give me the time of day. Next week, now that my Web site is up and running, I plan to at least start sending my information to the companies on this list that I have a direct contact with. I also want to order business cards and I need to set up an email to my domain name. One job that I applied for, but didn’t get was nice enough to give me some feedback and said that this would make me look more professional. Well, if it will help me land a job, I’ll do it!

On a personal note, my husband and I have decided that we are way overdue for a vacation – we haven’t been anywhere since our honeymoon four years ago. So, we have been looking at exotic places to go this fall. We don’t have a ton to spend, but we should be able to swing some sort of all-inclusive Caribbean vacation. Hopefully I will start making a little more and I can always pick up more Demand Studios work so that it doesn’t take too much of a dent out of our savings.

Enjoy your weekend! I’m off to look at tropical beaches!


A Busy First Week

I can’t believe it’s Friday! This week has just flown by. I guess the saying is true, time flies when you’re having fun.

This week I have been so busy, it’s not even funny. I decided that this was the week I would get a web site up and running. I researched several free web site building programs and after a few days of messing around with several, I finally decided that since I already know WordPress (WP) to go ahead and give it a try to see how it works as a portfolio web site. I have been presently surprised at the usability of it as a portfolio web site, since it’s mostly designated for blogs. There are still some kinks that I need to iron out, but I think it is almost ready to be revealed. I also had to research and select the best hosting service, which once I decided on WP, was quite an easy decision. WP strongly recommends several and I went with the option that got the best reviews from WP users and it ended up being one of the cheaper hosting sites.

Once I got started with the actual creating of my web site, then things moved rather slowly. I tend to be a little particular when it comes to design, and most of the kinks that need ironed out are more design issues. I don’t know HTML that well, so the going is slow and is more of a trial and error thing. The good news is that once the site is established, there is virtually no HTML needed. So probably sometime next week the site will be ready to be viewed.

On other news, I got a new client. Well, technically a client that I have worked with before that would like me to start working on another project for them. It looks like it could turn out to be a long term thing, so that’s good.

Unfortunately, since I was obsessed with my web site this week, I didn’t quite meet my writing goals, but no worries there. My old employer is paying me my vacation time on my last paycheck, so I should be fine for this month and not have to use any of the money I have saved up to get started freelancing.

On the financial front, I have not as of yet had to use any of the money I have saved, which is great! Next month will be the true test to see if I am making what I truly need to make without using my saved up money. After that I should be able to determine if I need to step it up looking for new clients.

I did search for new writing jobs this week and applied for about ten. Not much, I know, but it’s a start. I hope to apply for much more next week and hopefully it will be even easier with my web site up and running.

Overall, this getting started full time freelancing thing is a slow process, but a process that I have carefully planned for financially. Plus, I can’t complain, everything seems to be going as planned and I have truly enjoyed my first official week working from home full time. More on that later, but for now I have to wrap up a project and get ready for happy hour.

Oh yeah, I changed the look of this blog again. I think I really like this look and may stick with it, but then again, I am a classic Gemini and can never make up my mind!

Have a great weekend!