List Making Fun

So my last post was a little blah, forgive me I really don’t like birthdays. On a good note this birthday has to rank up there with one of my best. My husband really outdid himself and made me feel very special. Much applause to him!

On to today’s topic: list making. I’m an obsessive compulsive list maker. I make grocery lists, blog idea lists, magazine pitching lists, household chore lists, book lists, recipes to try lists, and on and on. There is almost nothing as gratifying to me as crossing items off my list. It’s like proof of my accomplishments. I think the joy I get from list making is more of a control thing than anything. When I feel really stressed, that’s when the lists get cranked out. It helps me break down tasks, get from point A to point B, feel organized and it helps me control what often feels out of control.

Sometimes I make lists for my husband. He usually rolls his eyes, but eventually crosses things off his lists too. Well, I have a confession to make. This weekend I made the list of all lists. Usually my lists are simple, jotted down quickly on scrap paper in pen. This weekend I’m not sure why, but I sat down and made a HUGE list of EVERYTHING I want to do for our house in the next year. This includes adding shelving to closets, removing a ceiling fan, organizing the dreaded basement, setting up a home gym, ordering a sleeper sofa for the office, lining the kitchen cabinets, and oh so much more. And this is no ordinary list – it’s an entire Excel spreadsheet complete with an estimated cost column, a completion goal column and an actual completed date column. I feel like my list making has stepped into the big time.

Said list actually makes me feel quite happy. When I’ve had free time this week I’ve referred to it and I’ve gotten two things crossed off already – I’m very proud. My husband hasn’t seen this doozie-of-a-list yet, but I’m sure he’ll be thrilled (sarcasm) with it especially since some of the items are only things he can do.

What about you? Do you make lists? How do they help you?


One thought on “List Making Fun

  1. .Hi Raechel,

    I make lists of essential todo items and then decide whether need to be done by next week, next month or next year.

    Then I work out what days to complete next weeks list on. Finally I throw away all the other lists and only concentrate on the one list because that is the only essential one. The others only cause worry and stress as they are in the future.

    Never let stress take over your life its not worth it. there’s lots of good ideas on the website that you might find interesting in managing your life. They certainly helped me a lot!

    Good luck

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