Staffing Agencies


A new potential way to find work has, odd as it sounds, found me. Here’s what happened: I was online, applying for projects and I applied for one through what I now know was advertised through a staffing agency. The agency is a creative staffing agency that happens to be local for me. A representative called me and I have an appointment to go meet with a recruiter next week. I can’t really say much on if this will work or not, but I can say that initially when I hung up the phone I wanted to call right back and cancel my appointment.

Here’s the thing, I am a freelance writer, I charge a decent hourly rate, I work from home and I like (really I do) looking for my own work. One red flag when I spoke to the staffing agency was that most of their work is for on-site projects. This I’m willing to try only IF it is a job I really want to work on. So, right there we might have a problem. The second red flag was that they really didn’t seem to care so much that I have an online portfolio. Umm, when working with “creative” people and trying to help them find work, an online portfolio is pretty important.

However, aside from those two red flags, I’m very willing to give them a try. What can it hurt, right? Plus, I stumbled upon these two posts on staffing agencies: Why I’ve Lost Faith in Creative Staffing Agencies, by Susan Johnston over at  The Urban Muse and 6 Ways You Can Add an Agency to Your Arsenal of Work-Generating Tools by Jesaka Long over at a.k.a. Writer. They have further spurred my curiosity in staffing agencies.

Have you ever tried a staffing agency? What are your thoughts?