Positive Thinking

First, I want to apologize, this is longer than I like to go without a new post. I have been incredibly busy and it appears that will only get worse before it gets better, but that’s life.

I had a realization today. I have been really, really struggling in my full-time job. It’s the same stuff – too much to do and not enough time. It has left me feeling drained and down, mostly because I want to spend all of my time writing, but also because sometimes when there is too much going on it is hard to feel successful at anything.

Here’s the thing, I knew I couldn’t quit my job immediately when I took on everything that I have taken on. But I made a vow to myself to give this the best that I have and for a few more months I have to be the best that I can be at everything. I realized as I drove to work today that I can’t give them the best that I have if I am constantly thinking down about it. I have complained, I have let the stress build up, I have been angry and even started to resent the people that pay me to do a job I applied for. Well, no more.

I have made up my mind, I’m going to get through these next few months, and I’m going to do it on the power of positive thoughts. No more thinking down and no more whining about it. I will do what I said I would, and I will do it with a smile. It amazed me today that with a small change in my mind set I was able to accomplish so much in eight hours and feel less stressed when I got home.

I love where my writing career is going, and I can’t wait to pursue it full time, but for now that is not the option. I know that if I stick this craziness out a little longer the payoff will be that much greater. And I know I can do a good job at both.

If every day could be more like today, I will be okay. I will work my way through this project at work, do a good job and then leave on a good note. It’s that simple, and it’s not out of reach. It’s all about positive thinking!