Tackling Time Management


I really thought that I was well equipped to handle time management as a freelance writer. I have been to time management trainings and I have read many, many great posts by my fellow freelancers on time management. Plus, I was really good at this in my previous full-time job, so naturally, I thought I would be good at it right off the bat. Well, sadly I’m not. Here are some reasons off the top of my head as to why I may not be succeeding at time management:

  • I don’t have a set schedule yet. Why? I’m not really sure, but I’m working on getting into a schedule. For some reason, the gym seems to throw me off and I get less accomplished on the days that I go workout before I start working.
  • I can’t yet decide what is more important to spend my time on. For example, I need to make a certain amount of money a day to meet my goals, but I also need to apply for higher paying jobs in order to give me time in my day to focus on other aspects of freelancing like accounting, networking and looking for other jobs.
  • There are a lot of “time stealers” that I keep getting distracted by. When I say time stealers, I mean things like Face Book, Twitter and various household chores that I sometimes find myself doing when I should be working.

The point is, I need to come up with a schedule that works for me and that I can stick to. If I want to meet my goals, I have to become more efficient and productive with my time.

Also, I really want is to be done working at a decent time, so that I can spend my evenings with my husband. Lately I have found myself working late into the night because I wasn’t efficient with my time during the day.

I’m working on developing a plan to help my time management issues and hopefully I’ll have a good plan in place next week.

What are your time stealers? What do you do to manage your time efficiently?