Now that I have made a timeline for when I will actually leave the rat race behind and try to make a career out of freelance writing, I have begun to visualize my new life – a lot. Not that I didn’t before, but because this is all so within reach and not very far away, it seems I can’t help visualizing my new life. Some may call it daydreaming but I call it visualization. I am finding this is a very relaxing tool for me right now. It helps me calm down when I get stressed out trying to keep up with my full time job and my writing, and it helps to make my full time job bearable. It actually reminds me that there is a point to all this and an end in sight.

Here is how I see my freelance writing day to day life going:

Most days I will wake up and hit the gym by 7am.
I’ll get home from the gym by 8, shower and eat breakfast.
No matter what, I will begin work by 9 everyday.
I’ll allow myself to take an hour lunch around noon and do some stuff around the house.
I hope to stop working at 4:30 or 5 everyday to start dinner.
After dinner, I may do a little work, but no more than an hour.

I know my days won’t always be like this, but that’s the great thing, I will have some flexibility. I also visualize myself having weekends again. That will be so nice! My husband and I will be able to visit his family (it has been since the holidays) and my grandpa (again it has been since the holidays), among other things we haven’t had time to do.

I am also thinking I will need to take a very, very part time job to get me out of the house a little bit. I am thinking about applying to work some Weight Watchers meetings. I know they always need people for the morning meetings and since I am a lifetime member I am allowed to apply. That might be a fun way to get out, talk to people and make some extra cash. Plus I wouldn’t have to commit to more than I want to, so even if I just worked two or three meetings a week that would only take three or four hours away from my writing time.

Sometimes when I visualize I get a little carried away, adding in things that I know I still won’t have time for and then I have to remind myself that the time I spend away from writing is time that I will not get paid for, so I try to keep my visualizations very realistic. But even the realistic view seems so great, oh I can’t wait, I just can’t wait!