Inspiration Away from My Computer

As a freelance writer, I sometimes find it difficult to motivate myself to leave my comfortable home office and step into the outside world. And since I live in Ohio where the winter months can be brutal, I find it even harder to get out even to run errands. While this is good for my work and I am currently getting so much done, it also has its downfalls. Since I was forced to leave my office behind to attend holiday parties and I even left my laptop at home while traveling among three cities to visit family I noticed that there are a lot of benefits for writers to get out from behind their computers once in a while.


Holiday parties turned out to be the perfect place for me to network a little bit. When asked what I do, I was more than happy to explain to people. Some even asked for my business card. While I haven’t gotten any direct business from it thus far, it’s great to tell people what I do. Hopefully the next time they or someone they know is looking for a writer they will think of me.

One thing that I found surprising is that even some of my closest friends weren’t sure of what exactly I do and more than one person was very interested in the fact that I write resumes. This has me somewhat convinced that maybe I shouldn’t completely hibernate this winter and should actually make a point of getting out to see friends and meet new people.


View from my office window

When I used to work outside the home, there was a constant stream of other people to talk to. And while I wouldn’t trade in my home office to go back to a windowless cubicle, sometimes some of my best ideas came from talking to other people. As a freelance writer, I often miss the simple banter. Over the holidays, away from my computer I got to really talk to other people, find out what was going on outside my little writing world and I actually got much inspiration from others for blog posts and projects.

Even just a simple change of scenery was enough to prompt inspiration. Normally I stare out my office window onto our front yard and street. But by traveling, I got to see different scenes like a ski resort packed with people and an abandoned barn in the middle of a snowy field. While these scenes in themselves aren’t all that remarkable, they were enough to jar some inspiration.

As I write this post it’s snowing so hard outside my window that we probably have gotten a good three inches in the last hour. Since I don’t think I’ll be leaving my home office today, in the near future, I will be making a point to do so just to find the inspiration and stimulating conversation that I’ve been lacking.

What about you, do you find it inspiring to abandon your computer for the outside world?