Balancing Act

Trying to work full time and be a freelance writer is sort of like a balancing act. I’m slowly learning this and trying new things to get everything in balance. It is important for me right now to not let my full time work slip, and it will remain even more demanding of my time in the next few months. But, freelance writing is becoming even more important to me and getting increasingly more demanding of my time.

What I have noticed is that my schedule has forced me to be more productive at my full time job in the mornings and more productive at my freelance writing at night. However, if I come home from work and immediately sit down at the computer, I can’t concentrate. I have realized that I need some time to shift gears. My solution (and I am quite proud of this) is to hit the gym after work. It calms me down and allows me to sweat off the stress of the day. Plus, I have been meaning to start working out again.

For a few weeks, this was going great – until my husband pointed out that we barely see each other anymore because when I am home, I am holed up in my office. My solution to this was to cook together. Now, I am not a cook, or domestic at all for that matter, but we have started to make dinner together. Every night we turn off the TV, computers and cell phones, to spend quality time preparing and eating a nice dinner together. With the time change, it is light out longer and we have started to take the dogs on short walks together after dinner. I know, this is not enough, but it’s a start.

My balancing act is somewhat working right now. It might not always work, and I’ll have to readjust, but I am growing more confident in my ability to do this.

What does your balancing act look like?