Feeling Better and Setting Goals

Happy International Happiness Day! Just saying that makes me happy!

Last night Jason and I took the dogs for a long walk and had a lengthy discussion about all these emotions that had popped up. He once again reassured me that we were going to be fine. We also for the first time discussed what was going on with my mom and how I can handle it best. It was a good talk to say the least. When we got home I vegged out on the couch, got a good night sleep and today I am feeling much better about things.

This morning I set my daily goals for the rest of the month in order to meet my writing income. Next week I will begin incorporating into my day’s, time to work on my website and time to look for other gigs, I have goals set for these two things too. There is something about setting goals that makes me feel settled, while helping me stay on track.

I have returned to Demand Studios after a few months off from them and am currently relying heavily on them. I don’t like to rely too much on one source, especially Demand Studios, but I’m not too worried, things seem to be going well there right now. I have a new post at AltGlobe on earth astrology signs, check it out if you get a chance.

I’m really looking forward to this weekend – I am staying low key. I need to catch up on things around the house and relax. Tonight, one of my friends is coming over for a “patio night” where we just sit on the patio, drink wine and gossip. And then tomorrow Jason and I are going to hit a movie. Can’t wait!

For now, in celebration of International Happiness Day, I will leave you with a few pictures of my two adorable dogs who make me smile daily.

Happy Friday!

Bella and Coco

Bella and Coco






Money vs. Happiness

Is it better to make good money or make less money to get up every day and do a job you love? Yes, money buys things. It pays the mortgage, it puts food on the table and clothes on your back. But I suspect that many things that I currently own or think that I need, I don’t really need, and they don’t contribute to my overall happiness.

I strongly dislike my job. Not that I don’t like who I work with, or the company, but I can’t stand what I do. But you know what? I couldn’t stand my last job or the one before that or the one before that for the same exact reason. I have never before woken up in the morning and gone to work at something I truly loved. Today it dawned on me why I keep doing this to myself, why I keep taking jobs I know from the very beginning I won’t like. It’s very simple; I have this notion in my head that how much money I make directly reflects how successful I am. But is that true? Or should my success be measured on how happy I am, and how passionate I am about what I do for a living.

For the last several years, I have been able to purchase everything I have ever wanted, go on trips whenever I wanted and have pretty much done everything I felt like. However, while my shoe collection grew exponentially, I turned into someone I didn’t know, perhaps because I was trying to force happiness, and replace it with a fake sense of fulfillment.

It amazes me, now that I have gotten back into writing, how I can hardly sleep at night and I wake up every day filled with story ideas, excited to get behind a computer for hours on end. On the weekends when I use to spend my time shopping or hanging out with friends, I now stay home and work and I am perfectly happy doing that. I stay up later, skip my lunch break, and pass up shoe sales because I have this burning urge to write. I can’t get my ideas down fast enough, I can’t apply for enough freelance jobs, and I can’t learn more about writing fast enough. And you know what? It doesn’t feel like work at all.

For the first time in my life I have a clear vision of what I want to do with my life and some semblance of an idea of how to do it. I resent my full time job even more now because I know that it is not for me. I have been in the wrong place for a long time and every minute I spend there is taking away from my writing time.

The bottom line is, when I am writing I am happy and that is worth more than a pay check.