Technical Issues

This week has been not so great. It started out with some awesome news, but has since spiraled into a pretty crappy week. To make a long story short, I’ve had some technical issues lately and my laptop is in the shop as we speak being scanned for a virus – although at this point it’s just a suspicion and fingers crossed it’s nothing! It’s been running slow for a few months and today one of my clients got a virus (hopefully not from me!). I decided it was time to get the laptop checked out just to be safe on the virus front and to find out why it’s been moving so slow. One of the major downfalls of freelancing is having to fill all the business roles like accountant and IT and I’ll be the first to admit I’m not very good at either, especially IT issues. So to say I have reached my boiling point with IT issues would be an understatement – let’s just say my laptop is lucky I haven’t gone Office Space on it.

On a brighter note, work has been picking up and I even agreed to an assignment over the weekend (before I knew I might not have my laptop). As it is the end of the month I have several projects that must get finished, so I’ll have a busy day tomorrow and work part of the weekend. I’ve also gotten several magazine pitches out this week and am hoping I’ll get a bite. The ideas are flowing more freely as I actively work on developing ideas daily.

It’s a short post this week and while I have some good post ideas, I’ve had to deal with other things this week. Have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!

**Update: I got my laptop back. It got a clean bill of health and doesn’t have any viruses. They also did some updates to it so hopefully it will be running smoother now.


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