My Vacation in a Series of Tweets and Pics

I’m a dork, I know! While I was on vacation in the beautiful Dominican Republic (Punta Cana), I didn’t have any access to the Internet, which for someone who is addicted to social media, you can only imagine how weird it was. And wouldn’t it just figure that when I don’t have Internet, I think of all those clever little things I would have tweeted or put up on FB. So I tried to remember them. Here is my vacation in a series of what would have been tweets, FB updates and pictures:

Why do I have to be behind a screaming child on a 6:50am flight? Makes me question whether I want kids or not.

OMG, it’s hot here!

Our room is 10 feet from the pool. Wow!


Swim up bar, yes please!


It’s so hot here – the pool feels like bath water. Heading down to the ocean for some cooler water.

Yep, may have mooned the whole beach when I lost my bottoms in the ocean. Lol!

I can see my feet, even in water that’s up to my shoulders. Awesome!


So sunscreen that is SPF30 doesn’t really work against the sun here. Both of us are burned 🙂

Yum, mango may be my new favorite fruit. I wonder where I can buy it in Ohio….

Buying more sunscreen for tomorrow. It cost $17 per 4oz bottle. Yikes!

Just walked 4 miles down the beach to a flea market.

Apparently Ohio is known around the world because of LeBron James. This according to the flea market vendors.

Surprisingly karaoke in languages I don’t understand is quite amusing. The music videos are the best!

Wow, people from Portugal really know how to party.

I can’t stop drinking Mango Mojitos.

I wonder how much weight I have gained from eating a soup, salad, appetizer, main course and dessert at every meal.

They make their dessert look so cute! How can I not eat it?


Debating whether or not to join in the sand volleyball game….

A monkey just jumped on my husband’s head. Crap, I didn’t have my camera!

I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with the ship wreck. Can’t stop taking pictures of it – it’s kinda like Pirates of the Caribbean!



Figured out how to work the timer on my camera. Sweet!


It’s storming and the hotel just lost power. Kinda weird. At least it waited until 3pm so we still got a full day of sun.

Napping so we can make it to the Disco tonight.

All glammed up and ready for some dancing!


Goodbye paradise, hopefully I’ll see you again next year!





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