Do you get Enough Exercise?

exerciseAs a freelance writer, I find myself sitting behind my computer most of the day getting very little exercise. Don’t get me wrong, when I had a full time job outside of the home, I also sat behind a computer most of the day, but it was different. For starters, I had to park in the parking lot and walk in and out of work, sometimes several times a day as opposed to walking from my bedroom to my office which are side by side. Whenever I printed something, I had to walk across the building to retrieve my print outs rather than reach right next to me and if I had to use the restroom, I had to walk further than ten feet.

I remember thinking when I was getting ready to make the transition from working outside of my home to working at home that I would finally have time to go to the gym. What I didn’t take into consideration was that I would have to go to the gym to prevent myself from gaining weight. I pride myself on sticking to a healthy diet, but my consistency with the gym and exercise in general has always been poor to nonexistent until now. Working from home I have found it’s all to easy to just not get any form of exercise in my day at all.

As a solution, I have begun a strict routine of going to the gym first thing in the morning three days a week. I don’t spend a whole lot of time at the gym, but long enough to get in 30 minutes of pretty intense aerobic exercise. I have discovered that for me the trick to going to the gym is that it has to be the first thing I do in the morning. If I tell myself I’ll just check my email and then go, then noon rolls around and I still haven’t gone. By then, my chances of going are slim to none.

The other thing I have started doing is keeping free weights in my office. Now when I need a break I do a quick weight routine which leaves me feeling energized and more focused, plus it allows me to think through a project for a few minutes.

I have also become better about walking the dogs. Before, if I couldn’t fit it in, I would think oh well, but now I make it a habit of walking them every night after dinner. Between these three exercise strategies, I think I am staying pretty active, fit and energized throughout the day.

How do you make sure you get enough exercise?


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