Doing My Happy Dance!

Due to my persistence in applying for jobs, networking and being creative in my job search, I landed two jobs last Friday. I did my happy dance and celebrated a little over the weekend. As 2inspired wrote last week, in her post Practice Your Happy Dance, the little things need to be celebrated too. Now this week I have gotten down to the business of working for my new clients.

You can see where I have been looking for work on my post from last week called Job Hunting. One new client I got was from Deb’s list over at Freelance Writing Jobs. The other client I got was actually someone I used to work with. When I contacted them to tell them what I am doing now, they ended up having a long term project that they hired me for.

I am totally pumped that my efforts are showing and that I am actually able to get somewhere with all of this. I remember when I first started freelancing, my goal was to get just one private client, and then when that happened my goal was to land a private client that didn’t actually know me. Now I have achieved both of those goals and I am hoping that things continue to go up from here.

For the first time since going full time as a freelance writer, I actually feel busy. And let me tell you, feeling busy as a freelance writer has a whole different meaning than feeling busy in a dead end corporate job. I feel like everything I do has a purpose, I will literally see my results and being busy will directly pay off to me. Unlike the corporate world where a lot of times I felt busy, or more like overwhelmed, I also felt like I was running really fast in place. This is such a great feeling. I know that I can always keep myself busy, but to not have to rely on content sites so much, in itself is an accomplishment.

But while I’m busy doing my happy dance, I’m also keeping my eyes on the horizon. I am learning that this job is a slippery slope and I need to stay focused. Even though I feel busy now, I have to make myself continue to apply for jobs every day for when things do slow down again. It’s a fact, in this career, things will slow down again and it’s best to be prepared for those times.

As freelancers, it is the good times that help us through the bad times. I’ll keep doing my happy dance, but I’ll also remember this good feeling the next time things slow down and I get discouraged.


One thought on “Doing My Happy Dance!

  1. congrats on the new clients! I’m glad to see that things are working out for you. My freelancing job searching has all but come to a standstill now that wedding plans have taken over my life, but it’s nice to have that flexibility, and I know I’ll be able to jump back into it whenever time allows. Keep up the good work!

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