Job Hunting

In my first month of freelance writing full time, I met my earning goals easily. I knew I would due to the fact that I had a few private clients that paid well. So I was feeling pretty good about things, however this month is starting out to be a different story.

Last month it was so easy because my private clients were people who knew me from my previous job, knew my work ethic and knew that they would be happy with my work. There was some buzz when I left and some people in my network had projects that they hired me to do. Currently, I have finished all of those projects, and there is nothing on the horizon. Of course, they all said they would let me know when they have a project, but so far this month, I am sitting here asking myself: Now what?

I pretty much knew this would happen sooner rather than later and I am trying not to panic. I have tried to be proactive about it and have been routinely searching job boards and applying for jobs, many jobs. But the thing is, it is so much harder to find clients that aren’t familiar with you or your work and it’s also hard to know the best places to look for new clients. Today I decided to create a list of all the places I have  looked for jobs – kind of like a checklist that I have to make myself go through every day. I’m hoping that with persistence, this will turn into a few clients to help me through this month and to line up next month. Here is my job hunting list:

Job lists that are put out by other people. And I am very grateful!

Job Boards:

  • Craig’s List
  • Indeed Jobs
  • Hot Jobs
  • The Write Jobs
  • Online Writing
  • Freelance Job
  • oDesk – Haven’t completely figured this one out yet

Out of the Box Promotional Stuff to Gain Clients:

  • Twitter
  • My address book – that’s right, everyone I know be ready, if you haven’t gotten an email from me yet, you will.
  • The phone book – I have started going through the phone book and sending people my information including my services.

I know that this list is just the beginning and there are endless places to look. I will keep you posted and try to update this list as I find success and other great resources.

Where do you look for work? Have you had any luck?


2 thoughts on “Job Hunting

  1. It’s funny, I always feel like I’m going through the same thing as you. I too, am having a slower month. Problogger is another site I frequent and have been the most successful with blogging jobs I’ve applied through there. Good luck! Hope this month gets easier for the both of us. =-)

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