I’m Back!

Well, my big event is over. It was a huge success, so much so that I have already been offered several side event planning jobs – an interesting concept. But the big thing is that it’s over. Aside from being completely wiped out and trying to frantically wrap up all the loose ends from the event, I am feeling pretty relieved that it went well. Let me brag for just a minute: there were 700 attendees, and it raised over $140,000 for the non-profit organization that I work for – pretty impressive if I do say so myself.

My plan for the next few weeks is to start back up with my writing projects, including this blog. I’m taking a week off from my full time job for a wedding I’m in and I will have two house guests during that time, but hopefully I will get some writing time in. Then I am headed to Chicago for a long weekend. So things are still going to be pretty busy, but I am antsy to get back into the flow of writing. I realized over the past few weeks how much I miss writing, the creative juices I feel when I write and the sense of control over my own life that I get from writing.

In the next few weeks it is also time to make some big decisions about my career. I have the money in the bank that I need to quit my full time job, I have some writing clients that will give me a good start into freelance writing full time, and I have the absolute support of my family and friends, but I am still scared to death to walk away from a stable, good paying job in this economy. I know I really need to just make the leap, and I will regret it if I don’t but why does it have to be so scary? I feel like now that the time is actually here, I’m hesitating…..oh, what to do?


One thought on “I’m Back!

  1. You can do it!! It is scary but you know it is the right thing for you. You will be relieved once you make the leap. You have taken all the steps to get everything in place so you have nothing to be scared about. I have complete confidence in you!

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